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LyceanEM is a Python library for modelling electromagnetic propagation for sensors and communications. Frequency Domain and Time Domain models are included that allow the user to model a wide array of complex problems from antenna array architecture and assess beamforming algorithm performance to channel modelling. The model is built upon a ray tracing approach, allowing for efficient modelling of large, low density spaces.


This project is under active development, but can be installed via pip or by cloning the git repository, as described in the install documentation.


To install LyceanEM from pip

$  pip install LyceanEM


To install LyceanEM for development, clone the repository using git

$ git clone 'https://github.com/LyceanEM/LyceanEM-Python.git'

The module can then be installed using pip by navigating to the git folder.

$ pip3 install -e .

If you are interesting in developing LyceanEM, you should clone from Github and install with the editable flag set.

$ pip3 install -e .


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