The LyceanEM project welcomes interested contributors. This isn’t limited to programming, and additional examples, documention, or demonstrations are welcomed.

If you are unsure where to start or how you can contribute reach out on the GitHub by opening an issue or commenting on an issue you are interested in.

All accepted contributions must be accepted under the GNU 3 license.

Development Roadmap

LyceanEM is electromagnetics simulation software that is used by researchers and engineers in a variety of fields. The software is currently under development, and the developers have outlined a roadmap for future changes. The roadmap includes three key areas:

  • Computational efficiency and scalability: The developers plan to improve the computational efficiency of LyceanEM so that it can be used on a wider range of hardware platforms, including desktop computers and high-performance computing (HPC) clusters. This will make LyceanEM more accessible to a wider range of users. It is the intention of the developers to support antenna arrays with multiple billon antenna elements, Giga-scale antenna arrays.

  • Core propagation engine: The developers plan to improve the core propagation engine of LyceanEM to include more realistic models of lossy propagation, atmospheric effects for each layer of the atmosphere, and dynamic environments. This will make LyceanEM more accurate and versatile for a wider range of applications.

  • Modelling fidelity: The developers plan to add new features to LyceanEM that will allow users to model electromagnetic systems with greater fidelity. This includes support for importing antenna patterns and time domain sources, as well as the development of open source standards for antenna array designs, antenna patterns and field sources, and wireless power transfer.

Here are some specific ways that users can contribute to the development of LyceanEM:

  • Report bugs: If you find a bug in LyceanEM, please report it to the developers so that they can fix it.

  • Submit patches: If you know how to fix a bug or add a new feature, please submit a pull request to the developers.

  • Donate: If you would like to support the development of LyceanEM, you can make a donation to the developers.

Your contributions will help to make LyceanEM the best possible electromagnetics simulation software for a wide range of users. Thank you for your support!


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